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March is Women’s History Month and obviously as a woman you know I had to come to yall with a post that would represent all the badass ladies in the world!

For the past months or even year, I’ve been completely obsessed with Matte Brand and if you don’t know about the clothing line or it’s designer Briana Shanee .. I’m judging you. You’re sleep & it’s time for you to wake up.

Matte Brand is literally the definition of sexy and comfy. The fashion line consists majority of cute one pieces that you can wear from day to night, two piece outfits and swimwear.. but when I say the material is EVERYTHING, I’m all about cozy girl vibes and this right here is it.

I’m not going to throw shade at your favorite boutiques but just know this isn’t some cheap boutique ish, you WILL get your money’s worth.

Briana, who you might of known from her Tumblr days is an effortless baddie herself, moving from NY to LA and launching the brand.. literally in a wheelchair.  There’s nothing I love more than seeing a black girl killin’ it no matter what is thrown at her and right now that’s an understatement for her. Starting the successful company on her own, easily you can see why she’s boss babe goals.

With that being said I wasn’t surprised when she came out with an additional fashion line, Working Girl.

Working Girl is a representation of all the women that believe in themselves. No isn’t an answer, we’re bossy about our biz and basically get sh*t done. Whether you’re an entrepreneur building your empire or a student on your grind, any woman working hard can relate. And I’m here for it.

Working Girl consists mainly of sweatshirts, hoodies and sweatpants with two words.. Working Girl.

It’s simplicity at it’s finest and perfect to wear when you’re on the go. Living in NYC and dealing with the bi-polar weather of 60 degrees one day and 25 degrees the next.. my Working Girl hoodie is never too far, in the car or in my tote bag (only for $15 bucks #steal) just know it’s around.

Now obviously you could dress the look down with some cool kicks but I opted to wear with my mesh booties! Short story: Like 3 years ago I was in dire need for some cute shoes for my bestie’s wedding (The wedding was in less than 24 hours.. why am I like this? I don’t know) but ended up buying these cute shoes for just 45 dollars that went perfectly with my outfit. So shoutouts to Forever 21 to saving the day.. and now I occasionally love to throw these on when I’m on the go!

Now about this coat though, everytime I wear it, I get a ton of compliments, every damn time. And when I tell everyone where it’s from they can’t believe it.. yall Forever 21 strikes again. Purchased a couple years ago this asymmetric coat stole my heart on the rack. Part of their Love 21 Collection which is a more contemporary sub brand.

And back to how Briana’s killin’ it! Be on the lookout for Matte Brand‘s latest Fitness & Swim Collection launching April 8th on I’ll be coping, will you?

#HappyWomensHistoryMonth  & Support #BlackOwnedBusinesses

Working Girl Hoodie – $35 – Out of Stock

Working Girl Tote Bag – $15

Zara High Waisted Ripped Knee Jeans – $49.90

Forever 21 Mesh Floral Print Bootie – $44.90 – Out of Stock

Love 21 Assymetric Coat – $60’s (can’t remember the exact price – Sorry loves!)

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