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Museum of Sex x Mel Bae = #FunDateAlert

#FunDateAlert #FunDateAlert !!

Say Hello to the Museum of Sex

Disclaimer: If you’re under 18 you’re probably not supposed to be reading this.. not that I can currently stop you but hey I said it.

Okay so this spot is definitely for you readers out there looking for a unique date to go on with your bae or if you’re super single like me and currently “dating yourself” let’s just say it’s a nice little reminder of your lack of a significant other.

But I swear it’s still fun though, trust me!

Mel Bae at Museum of Sex in NYC

Now this isn’t my first time going to the Museum of Sex but it’s been about 2 or 3 years since my first visit so I randomly decided to take a trip and see what updates were made to the museum.

On the first floor you’ll find the MoSex Store where you can purchase a various range of souvenirs such as witty labeled condoms, toys associated with whatever your heart desires & tons of interesting books/magazines. Now you could just have a shopping spree right then and there, but I chose to go through the actual museum portion first. So we’ll come back to this.

With there being so much to see in the museum I’m just sharing some of my personal favorites from the exhibits I think you all will enjoy!

Museum of Sex Mel Bae in NYC With Mel

Because who doesn’t love a dope selfie opportunity?

The “Splendor in the Grass” Exhibit was easily one of my favorite parts of my visit at the museum. Right when you walk in the first tent you see is the “Autoerotic Kinesthesia“, where inside you can find a kaleidoscope of mirrors that will have you looking around mesmerized & quickly reaching for your phone for a quick flick.

Mel Bae Museum of Sex NYC Mirror

But I’m not gonna lie, I really went inside the tent twice and took at least 5 minutes long each time. If you were wondering if I have any shame in my selfie game? Nope not at all.

Mel Bae at Museum of Sex in NYC

Another highlight piece in this exhibit was the “Grass Girl Arouses“. In this tent you can lay next to and touch a “grassy” sculpture of a girl that whispers to you with a very low and seductive voice. What she says? I could tell you but let’s not spoil all the surprises now.

mel bae Museum of Sex in NYC

The Sex Lives of Animals” exhibit was basically sex-ed animal edition! On this level of the museum there were several life sized sculptures of animals doing their thing. Some a little more nontraditional than others, like deers having a threesome? No big deal. There are short videos shown on mini TVs across this exhibit that give the play by play of how certain animals mate. If you’ve ever been curious about how some of our four legged friends get down, spending a little time here might answer all of the questions you’ve ever had.


I know you all have been waiting for it the museum’s biggest attraction..

Funland aka (The Booby Bounce House)

Mel Bae at Museum of Sex in NYC

Boobs x Bounce House = Genius. Because who has a problem with either right?

At first you’re taken to a waiting room where you take off your shoes, put your stuff down and hang out while you wait for whoever is currently jumping their life away to finish. Inside the bounce house only two people are allowed at a time but if you’re with a group of three, they’ll let the third person slide. I believe you get a 5 minute limit  but don’t exactly quote me on this but it seemed like it was timed.

But just know you do have enough time to:

1. Enjoy the jumping. 2. Realize that you are really jumping in a bounce house of boobs. 3. Take a pic or snap or whatever because well you’re jumping in a bounce house of boobs.

Museum of SexMel Bae in Titty Jump Playhouse Museum of Sex NYC

I completely forgot the name of the super friendly and chill blonde chick who was working this exhibit. But she was a sweetheart! If you run into her she’s definitely cool to chat up with.

Museum of sex with mel bae in nyc hugh hefner robe

 And finally in the “ObjectXXX Selected Artifacts from the Museum of Sex Archive” exhibit located on the same floor you’ll find some key artifacts that have been recognized as iconic. For example? The OG Playboy Hugh Hefner’s Smoking Jacket

After looking through that final exhibit I made my way back downstairs to scope out all the treats at the MoSex store.

Mel Bae at Museum of Sex in NYC

When I say this shop had any little random souvenir you can think of, In no way am I kidding. Spotted: Fortune cookies of course w. a dirty twist.

Mel Bae at Museum of Sex in NYC

Mel Bae at Museum of Sex in NYC

And of course your 50 shades of Grey inspired souvenir choices were endless.

Mel Conclusion: If you’re looking to add a little spice to your date itinerary I definitely suggest making your way to the MoSex. It’s perfect for both New York natives & tourists.

Museum of Sex

233 5th Avenue New York, NY 10016

Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 10 am – 9pm (Last ticket sold at 8pm) Friday-Saturday: 11am – 11pm (Last ticket sold at 10pm)

Museum Admission: $18.50

Funland Bounce House (Without other Museum Exhibits): $3

But can be found on Group On: $22.99 for Two People

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