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Museum of Ice Cream x Mel Bae

It happened. I’ve swindled my way into the Museum of Ice Cream !!

Or.. just stalked their website everyday, every hour, maybe even half an hour for tickets until I can finally get my hands on em.. I’ll leave that up to you guys to determine. Just know I got in and I’ve got the scoop on the most demanded pop up spot in NYC this summer.

The Museum of Ice Cream was seriously the cutest place ever. From the super friendly employees to the colorful ice cream inspired art, you just automatically feel happy once you walk in! You even get a scoop of their ice cream of the week within a minute of coming in. Their scoop of the week features ice cream from local NY ice cream shops, so if you’re into keeping it homebased this was pretty dope.

So ice cream as soon as you walk in? If that’s not the key to happiness I’m not sure what is honestly.

museum of ice cream mel bae melbae withmelbae nyc blog lifestyle

Up next? The edible balloons, cue the oohs & ahhs! Made by a happy employee with water, sugar and inflated helium inside, you suck the helium out and let the high pitched convos begin. Honestly this didn’t have much to do with ice cream but do we care? Absolutely not because it makes the perfect accessory for a photo op anyways.

Oh you know, it’s me, just hanging with a helium balloon made with sugar and water. #RegularThings

mel bae melbae museum of ice creamwithmelbae nyc blog lifestyle

Now on to the scoop area! The MOIC is trying to break the record of the largest ice cream sundae and well why have one person do it when they can get the thousands on people coming through the museum to help out and make their mark in history! I might of had the one of the smallest scoops on there but I’m still adding this to my list of life accomplishments.

museum of ice cream mel bae withmelbae ice cream nyc

After the scoop room, everyone was led to the chocolate room. Filled with all your fave chocolate candies, pillows and even chocolate splashing on the walls via a projector. The chocolate room really seems like it is meant to be a waiting room to the most epic part of the museum…


I kicked off my shoes and decided to take a swim (if that’s what we’re calling it) and I can officially say you haven’t lived until you’ve found yourself in a pool of sprinkles with a handful of strangers and pool floaties for 5 minutes. Everyone hopped in feeling their way through the pool and then as expected the photoshoots began. Even the biggest social media haters would be caught snapping away in here because there’s no way you can leave this place without taking a lit picture.

museum of ice cream mel bae melbae withmelbae pool of sprinkles nyc blog lifestyle

Swim Good vibes?

mel bae melbae withmelbae pool of sprinkles nyc blog lifestyle

Now after leaving all the pool fun, the next must do activity in the Museum of Ice Cream is trying their Miracle Berry! An employee offered small red “miracle berries” that make sour flavors taste sweet (for about 20 mins) if kept on your tongue until dissolved. How exactly do you test the Miracle Berry? Trying their vanilla cone with a lemon wedge inside of the ice cream. Now the weirdo in me just could not get jiggy with leaving that berry on my tongue too long so I took it out after about a minute.. although it tasted like nothing. Again #weirdo.

museum of ice cream mel bae withmelbae ice cream nyc

So I gladly enjoyed my ice cream cone w/ the lemon wedge. And oddly enough it was amazing. And now I might even consider adding a little lemon to my ice cream once in a blue moon. Don’t knock it till you try it!

The rest of the museum is filled with artwork and interactive activities for visitors and even a little gift shop that’s of course, all ice cream inspired.

Since the pop up has officially closed it’s doors this past week we’re now all left wondering..

Will it ever return? Where’s the next location? What’s going on?

Although I can’t personally answer those question I do know if you want a chance at ice cream heaven stay on the lookout on the Museum of Ice Cream


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