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If there’s anything that I’ve been amazed about in NYC it’s the rise of the Brunch lifestyle. And honestly I’m just thankful. Breakfast/lunch entrees, bottomless drinks, good music AND I get to pass out drunkingly in bed before 9pm? It’s honestly the perfect balance of adulting while being irresponsible. And I’m here for it.

So I’ve compiled a list of 10 of my favorite brunch spots in NYC. Now personally my favorite type of brunches have the music blasting, drinks flowing & me forgetting about any of my worries while turning up with my crew. Basically what I’m trying to say is, if you like a boring, quiet brunch that won’t have you twerking to the latest Drake hits… this post isn’t for you. But if that’s what you’re looking for, as always I GOT YOU! Let’s begin:

PS 450

450 Park Ave S – New York, NY

PS 450 isn’t the cheapest brunch spot on the list. But sometimes you’ve got to pay for the price of litness. Brunch is $50 before the included gratuity and taxes (which will probably lead to about $70 total) but i mean… they legit hand you the bottles of champagne. That’s the type of energy I’m on. The DJ plays hip hop, RnB, reggae & Top 40s hits. To me it’s kind of the Woodland (see below) of the city but less ratchet. Basically to summarize your experience, you’ll definitely be leaving the PS 450 happy & turnt.


33 Avenue B – New York, NY

Poco is a brunch spot gem located in the LES, that you’ll DEFINITELY need to make reservations for! The venue itself is small compared to the other brunch places on my list but it’s just as lively as the rest, you will actually hear the music lasting outside! With brunch costing about $35 plus tax & tip, you get unlimited mimosas, sangrias & your choice entree.  Just make sure to bring cash, because their bottomless brunch is cash only.

Beauty & Essex

146 Essex Street – New York, NY

Beauty & Essex is what I would consider to be one of the more popular brunch spots on this list. I don’t think there’s anyone in NYC who hasn’t seen this place on their Insta feed! You walk into a speakeasy kind of entrance & then inside you find a glamorous interior! It gives you total “I think I might be too broke to be in here” vibes. So if you’re looking to turn up while looking classy af, this is the spot for you! Now the major downside Beauty & Essex is it does NOT have a bottomless brunch option, so don’t expect a server to be bringing you unlimited drinks back to back, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that here. You get one glass of champagne & then have to order any additional drinks… and yes you guessed it, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. Minimum cost at this brunch will cost you $70! The pro, it’s lit af – you won’t ever leave here not having a good time. Just remember it’ll cost ya!


140 7th Avenue S – New York, NY

Let me warn yall right now it get’s PACKED in here! Why? Because Agave is just that good. Back on the bottomless brunch energy with this venue, you get – an entree + two hours of unlimited mimosas, margaritas, frozen margaritas & wine for about $35/45 (depending on your group # & not including tax + tip). The drinks are amazing, now I don’t want to brag… not that this should be something to brag about but I KNOW drinks & at Agave they’re ALWAYS on point. The food is also bomb BUT portions are a bit smaller then I’m used to, I mean I still get full but something I’ve definitely noticed. The music ranges from Top 40 hits, Hip Hop, RnB & if you love singing a 90’s or 00’s throwback that’ll happen here! Agave is a must go!


242 Flatbush Avenue – Brooklyn, NY

If you’re from Brooklyn, you know Woodland. It’s become our borough’s staple restaurant for a lit & ratchet brunch. Is the customer service the best? Nope. Is it super packed with ridiculous wait time? Yes. Do we still go anyways? Absolutely. When it comes to Woodland, you KNOW it’s going to be a party. So yes, as much as most of us love/hate it – it would be un-brooklyn of me to not include it.


259 Flatbush Avenue – Brooklyn, NY

Out of all the places on my list Piquant might just be the calmest. It’s the perfect spot for a first date brunch or for those brunches where you and your crew need to seriously catch up (and don’t want to scream over the music). Trust me the vibes in there are on point. Music is good, Food is AMAZING and it’s only $25 for entree including bottomless mimosas/sangria. Affordable is an understatement. Also if you end up wanting to turn up some more you can head to Woodland right across the street! Heads up sometimes they only accept cash only – so make sure to have some on you!

Sons Of Essex

133 Essex Street – New York, NY

Another party brunch in the LES! Sons Of Essex is a go to spot (and I’m sorry this one’s another ball out venue). Known for it’s hip hop brunches, If you know all the lyrics to Biggie’s “Juicy”… you’re going to love it here. A bottomless brunch here will cost you around $65 but I think stopping by here for the experience at least once is well worth it.

Negril Village

70 West 3rd Street – New York, NY

Where my fellow Caribbeans at? Negril Village is straight up JA vibes, on the brunch menu you can find Ackee and Saltfish, Oxtail, Jerk Chicken and the list goes on! During it’s weekend brunch it’s usually super packed with the DJ BLASTING the music, if your intent is to have a conversation, trust me this isn’t the place for that. But you can definitely jam out and have a good time listening to reggae/Caribbean tunes. For unlimited mimosas you have to pay an additional 15 with your meal and the weekend brunch runs from about 12 – 3:30 pm!

Angel Of Harlem

2272 Fredrick Douglass Boulevard- New York, NY

Yes yall! It’s time for me to show uptown some love because we can’t sleep on the Harlem brunches! Let me just say if I could convince you with two words why you should do brunch at Angel Of Harlem… Rum Punch. Their rum punch is amazing & most importantly part of their bottomless option which also includes mimosas, white sangria & red sangria as well! The atmosphere is cool & the DJ here is also one of the best parts of Angel of Harlem! It does get packed as you would expect so try to make reservations beforehand! My food recommendation? The Chicken & Waffles are EVERYTHING!

Ricardo Steak House

2145 2nd Avenue – New York, NY

I LOVE Ricardo Steak House, so much that I’ve actually celebrated my birthday twice here! If your favorite meal to order at brunch is steak and eggs you will obsess over theirs. Although I come here more often for dinners, I can’t sleep on the brunches here – they’re just as good! The DJ here is always poppin’.. ALWAYS. And if you’re celebrating a birthday you’ll most likely receive sparklers when the servers sing “Happy Birthday” to you, aka if you’re extra af as me and like those things. The bottomless option serves up mimosas and bellinis, that come in different flavors for 2 hours, which is additional $25 with your entree. The vibe in this venue is very trendy, brick interior wall, a Biggie painting, a MLK painting anyone who truly is about the culture would love it here.

And that’s a wrap! Will you be hitting up one of these brunch spots soon? If so let me know! Drop a comment, message me, tag me on social and let me know how your experience went!

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