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BACARDI: No Commission The Dean Collection x Mel Bae

This past weekend Swizz Beatz took over the BX with the help of BACARDI and presented the No Commission Art Fair. And I have to say this was one of the DOPEST events I’ve ever been too!

No Commission: The Dean Collection is an art fair designed to bring back contemporary art & music back to Bronx. So basically if I were to summarize everything into a mathematical equation it would be like:

amazing art + amazing performances + bomb endless drinks + the legendary Swizz Beatz = EPIC nights

Swizz Beatz Bacardi No Commission Mel Bae Bronx

Night(s) because this wasn’t just a one day event, this lasted from August 11th – 14th. Super uncommon for an event that’s providing so much to it’s guests and for free at that! So I truly believe they are genuine with their mission. My recap is for Day 2.

Upon walking into the venue it was like a huge warehouse space that basically got turnt up! I’m talking a ferris wheel, different food trucks, and bars all setup ready to have you lit. If you know me… you know this was literally my version of heaven.

Swizz Beatz Bacardi No Commission Mel Bae Bronx Drinks

Dear Bacardi: The drinks were amazing.

But let’s recap the most important aspects of the event the art and the music!

Inside of the warehouse there were so many great pieces (most I couldn’t afford) but you could see how hard each artist worked and I appreciated every little bit of it. Check out some of my faves:

Sandra Chevrier – La Cage et l’onde de choc – $9,800

Sandra Chevrier Mel Bae no commission bacardi swizz beatz

Ebony Patterson – “they were just hanging out you know.. talking about.. when they grow up”

The Dean Collection

ebony patterson no commission the dean collection mel bae

Swoon – Monica (Installation Box) – $55,000

swoon monica no commission the dean collection mel bae

Now the music… umm all I can say is Yass!!

Swizz Beatz was doing his thing spinning tunes in the beginning. Then the first performer to hit the stage? Young Thug! He performed a couple of his hits such as Best Friend, Lifestyle, and Digits (My lowkey motivation song so I’m not going to lie I went off!)

Young Thug No Commission Bacardi Mel Bae Bronx The Dean Collection Swizz beatz

Had a quick little DJ set again and then who walks on to the stage? DMX !! Yes the DMX. The crowd being hype? Would be an understatement. He performed all his throwback hits and had all the energy in the world. Hands down this was my favorite part of the night. And I kinda still can’t get over it!

After DMX finishes his performance. Swizz Beatz says he wants to be with the crowd. You know alot of performers say this but actually doing it ? That’s another thing. But uh Swizz was not playing because next thing you know I turn around and he’s really in the crowd behind me. Making his way to the front row.. Let’s just say me and my bestie were kinda hype. Swizz Beatz showed major love and even made some nice cameos in my selfie videos. Thanks Swizzy! Check them out here:

Swizz Beatz Bacardi No Commission Mel Bae Bronx The Dean Collection

Swizz Beatz Bacardi No Commission Mel Bae Bronx The Dean Collection

Front row vibes w/ Swizz. (Literally caught catching the moment for you guys!)

swizz beatz no commission bacardi mel bae

And to close out the show Brooklyn rapper Fabolous hit the stage! You know he has hits from the early 2000’s up until now so he also had he also had the crowd hype as hell! All in all this No Commission was a MAJOR hit.

Fabolous No Commission Bacardi Mel Bae Bronx The Dean Collection Swizz beatz

It was drama free and just good vibes, art & music.

“Find the culture, support the culture, be a part of the culture.” – Swizz Beatz

And a BIG special thanks to my bestie Lindsey India of for putting me on to the event (But decides not to show up! Still love you girl) Her site? Definitely bookmark worthy. Check it out!

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