Bacardi Culture Suite’s #NoOrdinaryMix at Harlem Nights x Mel Bae

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You know my big announcement! I’ve officially partnered up with Bacardi & TheBacardi Culture Suite to host No Ordinary Mix! This will be a series of events throughout the winter showcasing their flawless cocktail mixes, good eats, fun karaoke, and of course bomb music provided by my co-host and DJ of the events Michael Medium of Hot 97!

Last night was my first No Ordinary Mix event with Bacardi and not to be corny or whatever but it went UP on a Tuesday. In the uptown venue Harlem Nights, the special pitcher mixes of the night included the Blackberry Beret, PYT Punch and my focus of the night – the Paisley Pomegranate.

The Paisley Pomegranate is made with: Grey Goose, Pomegranate Juice, Lime Juice and Fresh Rosemary. Once again the smoothness of any cocktail made with a liquor under the Bacardi brand such as Grey Goose never fails. It’s the perfect concoction for all holiday festivities.

And let’s not forget the karaoke portion of the night! Songs such as The Way You Move – OutKast, Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran, and Run It – Chris Brown were just a few among many that people performed. Trust me whatever random song you think you would want to sing, we’ve got it. Now you might not get a grammy after your performance, BUT you do get some nice Bacardi swag, so it’s worth it!

If you missed the first event, catch me hosting December 26th at Harlem Tavernfrom 7pm-10pm alongside Michael Medium, don’t get a case of FOMO and come through! For more information visit noordinarymix.com

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