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Adidas Pink Collection x Mel Bae

WHEW! It’s been super hectic these past couple of months – living through a pandemic, wondering what’s going on with the world right now and trying to cope through it all! I hope you all are doing mentally and physically well – it’s been a lot! But with these lows I’ve got to admit that I’ve made some major personal self care habits through quarantine. My favorite habit? Working out! Yes, you’ve heard it here first – I officially work out REGULARLY!

My at home workouts and daily runs to the park have become a staple in my life and I’m so happy that I’ve become way more active. But obviously with good workouts you need some baddie workout clothes right? My new fave? adidas Pink Collection!

For me I want my workout gear to be both comfortable but most importantly fashionable. Workout clothes with personality would be the perfect description of my ideal look and with adidas they’ve got it down pact with this Pink Collection!

Let’s get into my favorite products:

I am OBSESSED, literally obsessed with these Alphaskin Graphic Leggings from the adidas Pink Collection. The bright hues will catch anyone’s attention and you’re sure to get countless of compliments if you go jogging in these. They are so cozy which is a major plus! I love wearing these for my runs, stretching in the backyard, oh and of course all my booty workouts! We are trying to get these glutes in shape!

Lunges, stretches and more – the Alphaskin Graphic Leggings are perfect

Everyone knows you can’t have a great workout without a great pair of sneakers! Meet my new favorite pair of workout sneakers:

Ladies, let me just say adidas really did their thing when it comes to their Puremotion Adapt Shoes. I feel like comfortable is an understatement when wearing these. A much more appropriate description? It feels like I’m floating on air! I naturally have flat feet so what I wear on my feet plays a huge part in my workouts. The simple design makes these easy to wear anytime.

And can we shoutout how they perfectly match my Alphaskin Graphic leggings? So here for it!

Are you feeling the look? What’s most important factor to you in your workout gear? If you’re looking for both comfort, quality and style – the adidas Pink Collection is the way to go! Find all my items & more from the collection here.

Remember throughout these tough times to take care of you! Self care is the best care and you deserve.

This post is sponsored by adidas.

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