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A. Human NYFW Debut x Mel Bae

Imagine a world where clothing and accessories were replaced with… body modifications? Well that world exists at A. Human! This week the brand debuted their body morphing designs at their exclusive installation right here in NYC. I was invited to check out their A. Human collection in Soho and you know I couldn’t refuse the experience, I needed to see this for myself and I have one word to describe it… WOW.

Now let’s get into the good stuff! Upon stepping into the exhibit, visitors are shown a trippy video welcoming them into A. Human *please note there is an immediate warning that if you suffer from epilepsy the visuals that you see once coming in might trigger you, so please take this warning into account if you do*

From there you step into the full exhibition space where you find real life models sporting the body modifications! It’s intriguing, cool but yes also a little creepy. You will find yourself just staring at how well the modifications are placed. And you’ll also find yourself debating if these real life models? or are they mannequins. MOST of the displays are HUMANS. So if you’re having a discussion about if one of the heads you’re staring at is real, yes they are human and yes they’re probably chuckling in their mind at your amazement & wonder of their look.

Things that you’ll find inside A. Human include: feet with attached heels (imagine if you could permanently wear heels!), models buried with just above their shoulders being visible in which they display skin-tone colored necklaces and models in glass cases displaying body parts such as belly chest and more, of course decked out in some A. Human accessories.

Now I know some of you reading this right now thinking… it sounds eerie AF in there, but shockingly the exhibit balances those feelings by combining Instagram worthy art displays that are actually bright and fun! Trust me if it was really that creepy I would’ve been out the door within five seconds.

I think of A. Human as intriguing & creepy chic, Could it be the next step towards fashion? Possibly! But I’ll let you guys decide for yourselves! The exhibit is open ALL month long (closed Tuesdays + Wednesdays) with tickets at $28 for General Admission or $70 for their After Hours option available Friday evenings and include two cocktails!

Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think! To visit the A. Human visit yourself you can purchase tickets by clicking here and don’t forgot to follow them on Instagram here.

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    This boldness has navigated right into my heart.

    October 17, 2018 at 6:38 am
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