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5 Things You Learn By The Time You’re 25 x Mel Bae

Happy Birthday To .. Me! 

On January 21st I officially became a 25 year old.

Normally people freak out about turning a quarter of a century old and I completely get it but that’s actually the complete opposite as to how I’m feeling. I’m ready to embrace it and more importantly EXCITED about how life will play out these upcoming years.

But before diving in this new phase of life, I can’t help but reflect on everything that brought me here and what I’ve learned. So here I give to you:

5 Things You Learn By The Time You’re 25

1. Nobody has their shit together. Not a single person.
Seriously if you haven’t learned this by now, please read the statement again NOBODY HAS THEIR SHIT TOGETHER. If you were anything like me when you were younger you probably envisioned that your life would be perfect by now. A house, chandeliers in that house, insane paychecks, a ring, a baby, basically having the whole adulting thing downpact. Um yeah no, I don’t know about you but definitely not what my life is like at 25. And realistically not the life of a majority of people my age. Do NOT let society or social media have you feeling like you need to have certain things or do certain things “by now”. We are all running our own tracks in life and there is no race. Cliche? Yes but you know what it’s very true. And in terms of social media always remember that you’re seeing what the person is showing you. And it most likely will always be their wins not losses. Focus on YOURSELF and trust me your shit will get together.

2. You’re going to lose friends.
Little old you at 15 will never be the same you at 25. If you’re living life correctly you should be learning about yourself and growing as an individual. That includes expanding your interests, meeting different people, and realizing qualities you like/want in others. Sometimes the people you could relate to at one point of your life just aren’t people you can relate to anymore. Now don’t get me wrong some people are lucky enough to have friends that grow with them but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Some friends are meant to take over the world with you and some just won’t understand your vision. Whatever the relationship becomes remember its natural for friends to grow apart. The process in coming into terms with this can be confusing and hurtful because who wants to let go of people they’ve shared experiences with? Nobody. But sometimes you need to let go of people that’s hindering your growth.

3. Health is wealth.
Listen I don’t care how old you are because this applies to EVERYONE understanding the importance of your health is a MUST, especially as we get older. When I say health I’m referring to all aspects mental & physical. Personally for mental health I feel like everyone needs some alone time, whether it’s to relax, organize, meditate, set time aside to do something that makes YOU feel good. When it comes to physical there are so many little things we can do to improve our health. If you go out to eat regularly why not choose a healthier dish one of those days or exchanging a heavy side dish for something lighter? If you absolutely hate working out instead of taking the elevator take the stairs! Changing bad habits that can affect your health is difficult because they’ve probably been done for years but when you keep reminding yourself how valuable your health is starting off with small changes and progressing to a healthier lifestyle will be worth it.

4. Travel. Because the experience is worth it.
If you know me… you knew this was coming. Traveling is truly one of my passions because there’s nothing like what you gain from a new experience. You’re being introduced into a different culture, different environment, and a new perspective. Alot of people tell me their excuse for not traveling is finances, traveling does NOT have to be expensive if you plan ahead or just put money aside saving towards your next trip. Also look at it this way, what better time in your life would it be to travel? As we get older the responsibilities keep piling up and next thing you know you’ll be sitting at home with your three kids wondering how in the hell am I going to afford this vacation. Don’t be that person that regrets not traveling when they truly had the chance. Take advantage of now.

5. Everything will be okay, because life goes on.
How many times have you gone through something in your life thinking it’s the worst possible thing in the world to ever happen to you? .. Then a year later not even fully remember what the big deal was about it. What you feel like might be the end of the world, really never is. Any struggle you experience you WILL overcome. Before overreacting or getting in your feelings about a situation ask yourself is this something I really need to be dramatic about? If the situation is truly dentrimental take it as an opportunity to prove to yourself you can overcome anything, because guess what? You can.

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